Coeur d’Alene Realtor, Curtis Sienkiewicz, has dedicated most of his life to the pursuit of helping those around him. This charitable spirit and civic duty led him to serve his country in the Navy in 1983 after graduating from high school in the small town of Curfew Washington. For Curtis, the Navy proved a formative experience in his life because it gave him the chance to travel to places he would never have been able to — such as big cities like Chicago, San Francisco, and San Diego — while simultaneously being trained in advanced electrical systems and electronics.

After he got out of the military in 1990, Curtis had some decisions to make. The first was his career path, which was obvious to him, based on his training during service. The second was where he was going to settle down. After some time and thought, he decided to return to his roots in the Pacific Northwest, deciding to settle his family in Spokane.

With his electrician’s training, he was able to secure a four-year apprenticeship with a licensed electrician installing and performing maintenance on electrical systems in new structures and remodels. During this time, he not only saw the insides of countless homes, he got to meet people and challenge himself to help accomplish their needs.

During this time, he was able to raise a family in Spokane, including six kids, who have gone on to give him five grandchildren (and counting). As a father, Curtis takes pride in seeing the children he raised become caring, service-oriented, and hard-working. After spending six childhoods enjoying all four seasons of Spokane, he’s never regretted choosing this unique city to spend a life with his family.

Spokane Realtor Curtis Sienkiewics decided to start his career as a real estate agent because he wanted a better way to continue to help those around him. He approaches real estate in a different way than some agents because of his technical background. He has become well-versed in local and state building codes and he knows exactly what to look for from the standpoint of deciding whether a structure is safe and well-built. This goes to work for his clients every time he decides whether or not to show the house.

Curtis chose Haven Real Estate Group because he feels like our goals in serving clients are in line with his, and he’s right. Haven isn’t just about the sale, but building a great experience for clients. In his words, ” we want to represent our clients and help them get what they want and walk them through what is one of the most impactful transactions of their lives.”


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