Meet Our Agents

Robert Henry
Owner | Designated Broker

A career in real estate can be a challenge, but with a mentor like Robert Henry, it’s possible to find the focus, drive, and passion you need to succeed.Real estate is a client-centered career path, and many Realtors do what they do out of a strong desire to help people realize the American Dream. However, matching clients with properties is a small part of the process; managing negotiations, handling stressful situations, and keeping emotions in check can take a toll on even the most seasoned professionals. When paired with the seasonal variability and uncontrollable market conditions, it’s easy to understand why roughly 60% of new agents fail within a year and 80% fail within five.


Rather than allowing new agents to chart unfamiliar territory alone, Robert realized there had to be a better way to help passionate Realtors succeed. Offering support, guidance, and a compassionate approach, it’s his mission to help agents explore life changing opportunities while becoming the best they can be – for themselves, their clients, and their loved ones.


Bringing Value to the Real Estate Experience

Since 2009, Robert has been forging his way in the real estate world, choosing to begin his career as a Realtor after numerous disappointing interactions with Real Estate agents as a Builder and General Contractor. After completing his education, however, Robert quickly discovered that there was a lack of proven training and mentoring available. Too many new agents were relying on classroom learning rather than hands-on guidance, struggling through early transactions without the proper assistance.


In order to set himself apart from the rest, Robert sought out top performing real estate agents throughout the country to discover what techniques and skills they employed to succeed, even in market downturns. Throughout his study, he quickly realized that while knowing the effective methods of top agents is useful, a key element to success requires a mastery of effective communication.


Two key phrases left an indelible impression with Robert: “Your business will grow exponentially at the rate you work on your own personal development and leadership,” and, “your earnings will reflect the value you bring to others.”


The Start of a Powerful Duo

Robert’s road to succeed in real estate wasn’t conventional, leading him to seek more formal training. In order to achieve his goals, Robert took part in the personal development and leadership training organizations with industry leader Landmark Education, eventually becoming a leadership coach in one of their most rigorous training programs. It was here that he met Cambria – now his wife and business partner.


Together, Robert and Cambria decided to apply their training and leadership skills to the real estate industry, taking on promising young agents in order to foster industry growth and development. And it worked – agents who participated in the training provided by Robert and Cambria outperformed the average new agent by over 400%.


After seeing their success in action, it was time for the next step. In 2015, Robert and Cambria launched their own brokerage, Haven Real Estate Group, in the historic Washington Cracker building in downtown Spokane. Within a year, they grew their practice to be one of the top twenty real estate brokerages in Spokane, meeting client demands while motivating new agents to become all they can be.


Training to Succeed

Today, Cambria works directly with Haven’s new agent training program. Through her work with new agents, she provides daily training and coaching in addition to providing new marketing and leads designed to promote financial success. By teaching her trainees how to truly engage with clients, she is able to bring an extraordinary level of value, skill and communication to agents’ real estate transactions


Robert spends his time working with more experienced agents, helping them to grow their business and develop leadership skills while still maintaining a work-life balance. He is passionate about working with others to accomplish more while also creating more meaningful time in their lives with their loved ones.


Robert is a national public speaker on topics ranging from personal development to real estate training. He is also a certified real estate clock hour course instructor for the State of Washington.


Cambria Henry
Owner | Managing Broker

Cambria Henry is the ultimate “multi-tasker,”  a Spokane Realtor®, Owner and Managing Broker of Haven Real Estate Group, she has an ability to handle many details and keep transactions progressing smoothly. All the while she provides attentive support to clients so they feel well informed and cared for. She is tenacious in her desire to deliver the very best results in all situations.


Cambria is consistently ranked one of the top ten Realtors® in Spokane and is also one of the top rated real estate agents in the country; however, the distinction that is most meaningful to her is that she enjoys one of the highest satisfaction reviews from clients on both and, the top real estate search platforms used by consumers to find homes.


“I work hard to set myself apart from other agents. Some of the ways I do this is by not only finding you a home that fits your needs but finding you the home that you love! I also ensure that you do not pay too much for the home.


Once you find a home I run my own competitive market analysis. I do this because 97% of homes listed are priced ABOVE market value. I use the market analysis to recommend an offer price for you AND to justify your price in negotiations with the other real estate agent. On average my clients save over $5000 using this method.


Cambria Henry has a background and experience in Construction Management; she is the founder of a recruiting firm in Houston; and, worked several years as a leadership coach for a worldwide personal development company. It is no surprise that in her first year in real estate, Cambria outperformed the average Realtor by over 450%.


“I have the passion and the patience to do thorough legwork in order to find a buyer the perfect home, and help a seller market their property to gain optimal exposure and activity.”


“I think of myself as a guide rather than a salesman, taking my buyers and sellers throughout the maze of properties, financing, and board packages; and take great satisfaction in getting them to where they want to be.” Expert at appraising the value of property and getting the most value for the seller, or finding a good deal for my buyers.

Mindy Yount
Senior Broker

Spokane Realtor® Mindy Yount is a seasoned business professional with over 20 years concentrated in business management and customer service.

Mindy’s real estate experience includes: marketing, mortgage lending, investing, foreclosures, and property management.

Mindy is a dedicated, full-time, real estate professional and a member of one of the most productive and innovative teams in the real estate industry.

Mindy works with both Buyers and Sellers in the greater Spokane area. Her passion is in helping others attain the quality of life they desire and deserve.

“I am committed to deliver the highest level of service and guidance to my clients. Your positive real estate experience with me will ensure absolute honesty, care, and integrity. Your home is one of the most vital investments you will ever make. I maximize my attention to detail and consistent communication, so that your experience can be fun and virtually stress free”.

Managing Broker

Spokane Realtor, Karen Williamson, knows that there are many qualities and skills that are required to be an excellent real estate professional: Integrity, honesty, community and market knowledge as well as marketing savvy, and effective negotiation skills.


I am a second generation real estate agent, following in the footsteps of my entrepreneurial father and mother. My experience, and as an owner of a company for 25 years, I’ve found that providing the very best service is about putting the clients first. This means keeping myself accessible, being a good listener as well as a good communicator, and responding quickly to your needs.


I am truly a problem solver who can bring years of experience to the table to help craft a solution to almost any challenge. I approach conflict with a calm, stable demeanor and help my clients navigate the purchase or sale of their home successfully, leaving everyone feeling heard and creating win-win resolutions.


I am grateful to wake up every day knowing that I’m doing exactly what I want to do. It’s truly a blessing.  I grew up in Spokane, lived on the coast where I raised my family. I have 6 children, two of them served in the Navy and Army, and one is currently serving in the Marines.  All of them have blessed me with 22 grandchildren!  One grandchild is also serving in our Military and recent graduate of the Marines!


“I promise to give the best of myself and serve you as your trusted adviser in this ever changing real estate market!”


Managing Broker

Danielle was born on the East Coast and moved to Cheney, WA in middle school. After graduating from Cheney High School Danielle attended Eastern Washington University for the first two years of College, and then moved to NYC to attend Baruch College and complete her degree in Business and Marketing. While attending Baruch College Danielle made her first venture into the Real Estate World. After finishing her degree Danielle moved to South Carolina where she continued her Real Estate career in land development.


In 2007 Danielle made the move back to Washington State and transitioned to full-time residential Real Estate in the Seattle Area. While in Seattle Danielle was mentored by one of the top producers in the Seattle region and found a niche in New Construction. There she learned the ins and outs of the new construction business while working alongside multiple builders.


In 2009 Danielle moved back to Cheney to be close to family and has continued to grow her real estate business. Since moving back to the Spokane Region Danielle has continued to work with several builders as well as building a thriving business with individual Sellers and Buyers!


“Real Estate is my passion! Not only am I helping guide clients through the biggest purchase/sale of their life but I also get to help families find a place to create memories. Each step of the way I am able to help buyers and sellers while striving to lessen the emotional roller coaster than can take place during real estate transactions. I find my career to be very fulfilling knowing I am helping my clients achieve their home ownership goals! Looking back on the last 11 years in this industry, I wouldn’t change a thing!”

Spokane Realtor Amanda Peckham
Associate Broker

Spokane Realtor® Amanda Peckham grew up in Spokane and has always been fascinated by real estate, from driving down country roads and looking at the old barn houses to driving thru town and looking at the newer homes and the beautiful historic homes.

“Real estate has always caught my attention and now I am overjoyed that I chose to have this be my career.”

Amanda has years of customer service experience from working in the insurance and mortgage industries.  She is now excited to have joined one of the most productive real estate teams in Spokane.

“When I bought my first home it was not a good experience, I had told my real estate agent exactly what I wanted which was to live in the country.  Instead of listening to me she tried to talk me out of it telling me it was really not what I wanted.” “My promise is that I will be the agent that listens to exactly what my clients wants and do all I can to find them the perfect home because in the end I want them to be happy with their new home.”  Amanda understands the importance of having someone by your side while either buying or selling a home. Amanda will bring her bright and energetic personality to every transaction. “Buying a home is one of the most important purchases you will make in your life and I am excited to be a part of that with my clients.”

Associate Broker

When it comes to having a diversified past that helps individuals to achieve incredible things through industry insight, Amber Trice is setting the mold.


Spokane Realtor Amber Tice holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Lewis-Clark State College. She also holds an associate degree with an emphasis in Child Development from North Idaho College. She spent a year exploring the communications field with success, having the opportunity to work with a local newspaper. There, she learned the ins and outs of print media, legal advertising, and editing. In addition to this, she also spent many years working with children in ages from infant to 14 years old. In that field, her focus was on helping at-risk youth, developing and implementing after-school programs, and working on summer enrichment programs.


She is a creative individual that is dedicated to surrounding herself with positive and like-minded people. She enjoys painting, spending time with family and her dogs, and hiking with her partner Chris. She enjoys the challenges of the outdoors and has learned a lot about what she’s capable of by getting out of her comfort zone through hiking and camping in the snow, tackling steep elevations, and carrying a 30 pound backpack.


All of this has helped her throughout her real estate career. She’s inspired by dedicated real estate professionals who are committed to accommodating their clients’ needs and professionals who help clients navigate their fears in the buying and selling industry.


Amber Tice is passionate about creating connections, stating,”There is great value in building relationships and getting to know people for real! These are the same values that guided my decision to join Haven Real Estate Group. The combination of connecting with people and providing a quality training program is where Haven helps put success in the hands of their agents. I would love the opportunity to get to know you and to help guide you through your home buying or selling experience.”



Spokane Realtor Breanne Glemaker
Associate Broker

Spokane Realtor® Breanne Glemaker was born and raised here in the Spokane area. She comes from a family with extensive real estate background, which is where her passion for real estate was born.

Breanne studied interpersonal communications at Spokane Community College and is able to apply this knowledge to help her in understanding and communicating exactly what her clients’ needs are. She also has extensive background in property management.

As a wife and mother of two young boys, Breanne understands the importance of having a place to call home. That, paired with a passion for helping people to realize their own dream of home ownership, is the reason that she decided a career in real estate was the perfect fit.

“Buying a home is one of the biggest investments that you will ever make, and it is very important that you are comfortable with the REALTOR that you are working with. That is the reason that I like to get to know each and every client, their wants and needs in a home, and to know that they are comfortable with me and confident in their purchase”, says Breanne.

Breanne is dedicated to finding her clients that perfect home, or selling one that just doesn’t fit. their needs anymore.

Associate Broker

A native of the inland Northwest, Spokane Realtor, Caleb Glemaker grew up in a large family just north of Spokane. His passion for the real estate industry was triggered by his country upbringing, where he was exposed to large spreads of land and houses.


Caleb worked alongside his father, a local builder who ran his own construction company in the region, which gave him in-depth knowledge of how the industry works. At the tender age of 18, he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and served in the air transportation field. He then transferred to the reserves, which allowed him to return to Spokane and work full-time in his father’s construction company.


Caleb took over his father’s company, then ran his own construction company beginning in 2007 and specializing in residential remodeling and building. His motto was always “It’s perfect, but it will have to do,” and his goal was to produce homes customers are delighted with, bringing their dream residences to life through design, planning and architecture.


With his strong customer-centric focus, Caleb has always delivered fast and friendly service with close attention to detail. This attitude led him into his next venture: real estate.


Caleb integrated into the real estate world seamlessly, moving from helping people enhance their lifestyle to enabling them to achieve their dream purchases. Caleb now pursues his passion of giving customers the best possible access to their real estate dreams with the least amount of difficulty.


As a Realtor, Caleb’s goal is to provide personalized service to his customers by guiding them through the difficulties of buying and selling property. He joined the Haven Real Estate Group because the company mirrored his own values of putting customers at the heart of every decision.


Out of this bedrock of excellence and commitment, Caleb has facilitated several property purchases for his clients, so they have a home to call their own.


He currently lives in Spokane with his wife, also a Realtor with the Haven Real Estate Group, and their two sons. Caleb is always keen to help clients with their real estate needs and is easily approachable.


Associate Broker

I was born and raised in Spokane and graduated from Eastern Washington University. Through High School and College, I worked for a small local company, performing background checks on perspective employees and tenants. I started as a data entry clerk and worked my way up to office manager, developing relationships with local Property Owners, Property Managers and Brokers. At Eastern I studied a wide array of subjects,  earning minors in Women’s studies and Geography. I most enjoyed Sociology classes as I love learning about social and human behavior. After graduation, I moved to the Seattle area for a couple years before returning to Spokane, to be near my family again.


Upon returning, I started an 8-year long career as a 911 call receiver with Spokane County. This kind of public service position was very demanding, but extremely rewarding. During my career, I thrived in this type of detail oriented fast paced environment.  After several years I became a Certified Training Officer, as well as a mentor, helping new employees advance through the intensive training program. Although I enjoyed answering 911 calls, I found the most rewarding aspect to be when I was helping new employees successfully complete the training process, some even going on to become trainers themselves.  I undertook a lot of leadership training during the course of my career and learned how to empower people and lead them to success.


I moved on from 911, to pursue a career in Real Estate and further develop my passion for helping people achieve their goals. I bring a knowledge and understanding of the Spokane community and its neighborhoods. I thrive when working in a fast-paced environment and bring integrity and the highest commitment to service. I look forward to guiding you through the buying and selling process. Buying a house should be fun, I know my buying my first home was an exciting time and I want to bring that same, positive transaction to you. I am here to answer any questions and with the support and experience of my team at Touchstone Real Estate I know you will have a phenomenal experience.


 Please call, text or email, I would love to work for you.

Spokane Realtor Christy Kruse
Associate Broker

Spokane Realtor®, Christy Kruse has a passion for helping people. She continually strives to expand her skill sets and develop her leadership skills in service to others.

Prior to becoming a licensed Realtor®, Christy was the Director of Corporate Recruiting for an HP subsidiary in Seattle, Washington. Her passion to make a difference for others led her to an opportunity to building over 36 homes with Habitat for Humanity in Costa Rica.

Christy’s passion for helping is not limited to people, when returning home to the Spokane area, Christy took a position at SpokAnimal. As the Public Outreach and Volunteer Manager, Christy used her skill-set to match families to hundreds of homeless pets.

“Off Duty,” Christy can be found out-doors with her three dogs and friends. While indoors, you’ll likely find her “Virtual-Coaching” the Seattle Seahawks from her couch!

Christy brings a compassionate, organized and consultative approach to the process of guiding her clients through the purchase or sale of a home.

Associate Broker
Spokane Realtor Christian Robinson didn’t always live in our vibrant, outdoorsy city, but once he set foot here, he couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. Christian was actually born and raised in the Atlanta area, where he graduated from Stockbridge High School. After high school, Christian proudly enlisted in the U.S. Air Force, ready to serve his country and start his own life off in high gear.
By sheer good fortune, Christian was stationed at Fairchild Air Force Base, moving to Spokane in July, 2011. After his honorable discharge from the Air Force, he wisely decided to settle down here in Spokane in 2015. From his time in the Air Force, Christian developed the dedication to hard work, sense of ethics and inner motivation that military service instills in vets, and he translates that to his work as a Realtor to this day.
The sense of teamwork Christian learned in the Air Force serves his clients well as he comes alongside them to help them find their dream homes, and nothing fazes him as he negotiates the ups and downs of the real estate market. His integrity shines through as he navigates the sometimes complex issues involved in buying a home, and he doesn’t give up until he’s helped his buyers find exactly what they’re looking for at the right price.
We in Spokane are lucky that Christian chose to settle here after leaving the Air Force, and we feel especially lucky at Haven Real Estate Group to have him as a member of our team. He’s a devoted father to an absolutely adorable baby, and that has made his new roots here in Spokane grow even deeper. Many of Christian‘s clients become friends, and they all rave about his helpful spirit and willingness to dig in and work hard to make good things happen. See what Christian can do to help you find your next home in Spokane.
Associate Broker

Dave Carlyle is a Spokane native who grew up in the Spokane Valley and knows this wonderful area inside and out. Now he’s back home, ready to turn his energy, his 25 years of experience, and his passion for serving others into his efforts to help you with your real estate decisions.

From the late ’90s to 2014, Dave was an IT exec in Seattle, where he started off working for such industry giants as Microsoft and DEC. He then took the lead as the IT director for companies including Tommy Bahama and Story Worldwide, and he also expanded his entrepreneurial outreach as an IT consultant for many, many startups. All that entrepreneurial energy and experience in Seattle’s thriving dot-com startup culture is of amazing value when Dave directs it to the task of helping you find your home.

As both a buyers’ agent and a listing agent at Haven Real Estate Group, Dave is ideally positioned to help you, whether you’re buying or selling. His deepest passion, from IT to real estate, has always been helping others to achieve their goals. He knows that when you buy a home, you’re making one of the largest decisions of your life. And it’s not just a financial decision — it’s an emotional decision, too. Dave gets that, and with his love of serving others, he’s ready to help you sort through all the options, issues and choices that come with buying a home.

In his free time, Dave has been an avid student of personal development for many years, along with a long commitment to studying Tai Chi. In his business life, his interest in personal development has translated into a deep passion for helping others achieve their goals. The many dot-com startups he consulted with in Seattle benefited from the analytical skills and outward focus on the needs of others that he brought to this passion, and now he brings it to real estate. Dave wants to help you achieve your real estate goals, whether those be finding a first home for your new family, upgrading as your financial success expands, or downsizing when you just don’t need all that space anymore. He knows how to understand your needs and how to find the property that meets them.

Dave’s other personal interests include weight training and glass art — two hobbies that show off the fascinating sides of this great real estate agent. As a weight trainer, Dave knows that you have to stick with a program to see results, and he’s ready to do what it takes to help you sell your home or buy the right place for the next stage of your life. He’s got the persistence to find you the right deal and the patience to keep moving forward if things don’t work out the first time.

As an artist who loves glass art, Dave also brings a more creative side to your search for a home. Buying a home is a truly emotional decision, and what strikes the heartstrings of one person isn’t a great choice for the next. Dave has all the knowhow to help you through the often complex process of buying and selling real estate, but it’s good to know that he understands it’s about more than just money.

Give Dave Carlyle a call today to start your real estate journey in Spokane.


Spokane Realtor - Dennis Isip
Associate Broker

Spokane Realtor Dennis Isip specializes in: Buyer’s Agent,Listing Agent,Relocation,Internet Marketing, Investing

Add personality to your profile! Tell the community about yourself, your home, and your profession.

FACT: 92% of homebuyers begin their search using the internet.

Hello, my name is Dennis Isip and I”m a Realtor licensed in WA state. I specialize in finding buyers who are using the internet to look for their new home.
Are you frustrated trying to sell your home for the past couple of months or even years? If your home is priced right, and it shows well … then there”s only 1 other factor left: effective marketing.
Let me help you with my exclusive Lifestyle Experience Marketing. These are customized for each my clients to attract the right buyers to make top dollar offers on their property.
It”s a big mistake to rely only on the Multiple Listing Service. You need personalized marketing strategies to showcase your home wherever people are hanging out online, whether it be Facebook, YouTube or Zillow.
Want your home SOLD at your asking price? Give me a call, and let”s discuss how it can be done, with my exclusive 1-Day Listing Guarantee.

Associate Broker

With 27 years of experience in the Real Estate industry, I  became a licensed broker. My previous experience I was responsible for a variety of tasks. I expertly managed all listings, managing MLS input and coordinating all marketing tools to provide the most effective exposure for each listing by maintaining accurate, up-to-date property information online. In addition, my design skills yield the elegantly crafted material our team requires. My energy, enthusiasm, commitment, and positive attitude guarantee that my clients receive nothing but the highest quality of customer service and care.




Associate Broker

Spokane Realtor, Elizabeth Sorensen believes that the real estate business should be all about the client’s experience, and no one else’s. This is her primary motivation for putting her clients first, no matter the circumstances, even when acting in the best interests of her clients isn’t the easiest move to make. Elizabeth understands that buying or selling a home can be in among the most stressful times anyone every experiences, so she aims to make it a little easier and a little less stressful as an experienced Spokane Realtor.


According to Elizabeth, “The litmus test for every decision I make in business is simple: what is the absolute best for my client? My clients’ needs always come first.” She has built her business and her reputation for integrity as a Spokane Realtor by putting her relationships with clients first instead of prioritizing the economics of the business. Elizabeth knows that when her clients are satisfied, the rest will follow.


Elizabeth’s reputation is built on 20 years of experience in property management, land development and real estate investing, which have given her the tools and expertise needed to handle even the toughest challenges in the business. Elizabeth is a confident, knowledgeable Spokane Realtor, and her clients are comforted by working with such an experienced professional. She skillfully guides buyers and sellers through every step of the process and handles obstacles with ease because there’s nothing in the real estate business she hasn’t handled in the past.


After being trained as a dental hygienist, Elizabeth joined the team at Haven because she was attracted to its supportive, successful environment where she could be challenged every day while making a difference in the quality of her clients’ lives.


When Elizabeth isn’t consumed with the needs of her loyal clients, she can be found spending time on her small family farm or outdoors with her family.

Associate Broker

Spokane Realtor Emily Rose Ridler is a Washington girl through and through. Born and raised in a small town north of Spokane, she has lived in various places around the state as an avid lover of the outdoors, spending her free time riding bikes, quads and horses.


Now she has returned to Spokane to pay it forward and help members of the community find the home they are looking for, something that she says is one of the most rewarding parts of her life here in Spokane. Whether her clients want a bachelor pad, an investment or the ideal place to raise a family, Emily Rose excels at helping people find their dream home.


Emily Rose learned about hard work at a very young age as a result of being raised by two entrepreneurs. She spent time working at both of her parents’ businesses in her youth, a drive-thru espresso stand and a real estate office. Her early experience with the real estate business and her aptitude for making social connections were the first signs that real estate was her calling.


Emily Rose is an undeniable fixture in the community of Spokane. For the past three years, she has helped her father operate the Ridler Piano Bar, where she has enjoyed being part of such a vibrant community. As a result, she loves being a leader and supporting those around her.


As a Spokane Realtor with Haven Real Estate, Emily Rose is committed to changing lives through the connections she makes with her clients.


Her passions include raising her pets, spending time with the important people in her life, the outdoors, and music. Emily Rose has always been a singer and musician, and she performs every weekend in Spokane, the city she calls home.


Associate Broker

For Spokane Realtor, Emily Scheller, Spokane has always been home. “I was raised in Spokane Valley and received my marketing degree at Spokane Falls Community College. I spend my free time with my amazing husband and 2 children as well as my beautiful golden retriever Macee and our newest addition, Daisy, who is a rescued schnauzer-terrier mix”.


I had chosen to become a realtor after spending many years in the property management and customer service fields and I realized that I got great pleasure from helping people and families find a home, whether it’s a forever or temporary. It is such a personal experience and am very lucky each and every time I am part of it.


Because of this I felt that I could be the kind of REALTOR® every buyer and seller wishes for. I make sure that I give each client the time, attention, and service as if I was in their shoes. I work to ensure that my clients have both peace of mind and the luxury of having fun while I guides them to success in reaching their real estate goals. Finally, when a home closes, I hope that my clients now see me as a their friend not just another Realtor.

Associate Broker

From the time James Allen was a young man, he was able to discern the key to success: have a clear vision of what you want to achieve and, in business, provide a higher level of service. James brings this philosophy to his career as a real estate professional serving North Eastern Washington and the Spokane area. In addition to his unsurpassed industry knowledge as both a serious agent, James is dedicated to providing you with An Efficient and Clear System for Your Success to ensure a positive outcome. Contact James today to discuss your home sale or purchase. You’ll be glad you did.


To James Allen, there’s nothing more exhilarating than riding the roads of the Pacific Northwest on his Harley. For him, there’s no better way to clear his mind, reflect on the events of the day and focus on the road ahead, both personally and professionally. The feel of the sun and wind against his face rejuvenates him and gives him a sense that the possibilities are endless. Clearly, quality of life is important to James, and these cruises on the winding roads are his reward for a life of hard work and living by the values instilled by his family. He feels blessed because he’s achieved his dream. But it was by no accident. He knew what he wanted and carved a clear path to get there.


A Window to Success

There’s no question, James has always had a distinct image of what he expected to achieve for himself. His father taught him the ropes in the business world and impressed upon him the basics to reaching any goal: dedication to quality, professional service and unwavering integrity. Because he always strived to be the best, he adhered to these simple fundamentals without fail. James’s entire story of success was built upon those qualities.


Working in the residential and commercial construction industry, just as his father did, it wasn’t long before James’s entrepreneurial vision led him to business ownership. For nearly 25 years, James’s design build construction company thrived because of his adherence to a higher level of service and a commitment to treat his clients exactly as he’d want to be treated. He saw clearly this was the secret to building strong relationships.


Dedication to Quality and Caring

In his career as a real estate professional, James abides by this very same ideology. He understands the importance of providing solid industry expertise, but for him it means nothing if it’s not delivered with complete professionalism and genuine caring. That’s his priority and it’s the only way he knows how to do business. What does that mean to you? Just as James has a distinct vision for how he assists his clients, he knows you should have a clear idea of what to expect during your move. That’s why he takes the time to identify your goals and explains each step of the process in a friendly, concise and attentive way.


A Clear Vision

James knows how hard you work to achieve the lifestyle you dream of, and he can’t wait to be a part of bringing that dream to you. With clear guidance, strong negotiating skills and an eye for detail that’s second to none, James can ensure your move will offer a great return on your investment while making the process fun. When it comes to your home buying or selling experience, James brings A Clear Vision for Your Success by providing top-notch commitment to your needs and a perfect plan that guarantees great results.



  • United States Green Building Counsel – LEED Green Associate
  • Building Performance Institute – Certified Building Analyst
  • Unitek College – Masters Certificate in Renewable Energy
  • Whitworth University – Bachelors Degree in Liberal Arts
Associate Broker

I am currently conquering my first year in Real Estate, and I mean CONQUERING.

I absolutely love helping people, especially when it comes to helping navigate the challenging and stressful process of purchasing a home. I take pride in knowing I have committed myself to being incredibly knowledgeable, organized, and professional.


In my day to day life I pay close attention to whom I interact with that genuinely cares about their craft and personal interactions. When I receive quality service from an individual I love being able to express my gratitude to them. This is the driving force that pushes me to work for my clients as hard as I would want someone working for me.


Before Real Estate I have been in the Cosmetology field for the last 15 years. I have made my livelihood from developing deep relationships with my clients and giving superior customer service. In Real Estate, after the purchase of a home is complete, I have intend maintaining client relationships with the hopes of working with them in the future as well as being able to provide my services to their loved ones and friends. I’m in the business of interpersonal relationships as well as helping my clients buy or sell homes!

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Spokane Realtor Jessica Cargile provides comprehensive service to buyers and sellers. Though she grew up in the outskirts of Los Angeles, she remembers even as a young child desiring to move to Washington state. The culture, the climate, and the people of the Northwest have always attracted her. About 10 years ago, she leapt on the opportunity to move to the area, and now she plans to never leave. She is currently raising her children in the Inland Northwest and sees the region as something to be grateful for.

Ms. Cargile’s background and professional experiences are quite diverse, including numerous management roles. Her ability to thrive in challenging environments has resulted in many job offers. She is sought after for her love of people, her curiosity, and her drive. She’s committed to providing quality service and detail-oriented attention to every client. Of this, she says, “These are the traits I bring with me every day to serve my clients because I have a personal relationship to the impact that real estate can have on a person’s life.”

Jessica was 11 when she watched her mother achieve her dream of buying her first home as a single woman with two children. She shared that dream with her children and demonstrated how to work hard to achieve it. Jessica remembers the name of the Realtor who helped make that dream possible for her family so many years ago. She also remembers stepping into her home and knowing it was theirs. She says, ” That is the kind of impact I want to have on the clients I serve – an access to dreams for family and home, that can be made possible. I also want to show my own children today what my mother showed me: that all is possible when you dream it and work hard for it.”

Ms. Cargile is dedicated to her clients and provides exceptional service and attention to their needs. She’s empowered by her career.

She says, “Over the years, I’ve been gifted with great mentors that have provided me opportunities for growth beyond what I could see in myself. I’ve always valued personal development as a top priority, and enjoyed pushing myself to new frontiers. This is precisely why Haven is the place for me. The passion with which Rob and Cambria guide their agents and pour their hearts into every bit of the work they do is inspiring and contagious. I am so excited to be a part of the Haven team, where the ability to interact and impact people’s lives, while enriching the life of my own family, is limitless.”

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Spokane Realtor Jessica Gladhart

Spokane Realtor, Jessica Gladhart has always had an entrepreneur mindset with love for building trusting relationships with the people she works with.


Jessica has managed her own business making organic cosmetics and skin care products for the past three years and has built strong relationships with the people that enjoy her products. She has an extraordinary passion for helping people, which is why a Real Estate career seemed like a natural progression in life. “I will always strive to go above and beyond my client’s expectations to make sure this life changing financial investment goes smoothly and is handled with articulate care.”


Outside of Real Estate Jessica enjoys traveling and being outdoors. She grew up camping, fishing, snowboarding, water skiing and has never been afraid of getting out of her comfort zone and trying new things. She traveled to Germany, Austria, and Italy at the age of 16 with her family and had been to many of the 50 states. Throughout all her traveling growing up, Jessica has decided that Spokane is where she wants to establish herself and raise her family. “The connections and memories I have made here in Spokane will last a lifetime, and I would love nothing more than to help others discover the magic and charm this city has to offer.”


Jessica works with buyers and sellers and can offer a fresh, innovative perspective on marketing your home. She is also part of a cutting-edge real estate team that is always offering support, advice, and up to date education on market conditions.

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Spokane Realtor, Katie Grimm strives to provide her real estate clients with reliable service in a personal setting. From the moment she meets you, she makes your needs top priority, giving you full attention through the home search process. Katie believes an agent should be open, honest, and must do their due diligence. Nothing less will do in her eyes, and that’s just what her clients enjoy when working with her.


Real estate has always been a passion for Katie. Prior to pursuing a career in the field she loves, she worked as a lender with a local credit union which has given her the ability to understand the credit and lending side of real estate and can relay that to her clients.


Born and raised in Spokane, WA she has a huge love for the parks, people, and most of all character and architecture of each unique neighborhood. Katie resides on the North Side of town, and wants to help clients feel as content in their new Spokane home as she does, no matter where you want to live. She is highly enthusiastic, motivated and accessible, and ready to serve you.


In spare time, Katie spends as much time with her family which consists of four beautiful children, the youngest being twin boys! She loves spending as much time as possible outdoors and playing on the softball field!

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Keri LowmanSpokane Realtor Keri McCombs loves seeing others find happiness in accomplishing one of life’s most important decisions: buying a home. Born and raised in North Carolina, Keri was taught the importance of making connections with others and the impact of community and family in life’s most important decisions. Keri values the connections she makes with others and understands the significance of open and honest communication. As a real estate agent, Keri translates her personal values and upbringing into the relationships she develops with her clients.
“The importance of family was instilled in me at a young age. In our family, we supported one another and valued our time together, and our family home was such a large part of those memories. I want others to be able to find a home that they can call their own and be able to make lasting memories with their own families.”
Prior to starting her real estate career, Keri worked for several years in sales and retail, as well as several years in Social Work and Mental Health. Keri has always enjoyed helping others, especially with helping to carry the burden of stressful situations. Real estate seemed like a natural fit: an area where Keri could help to carry the burden that may come with looking for a new home while finding happiness in buying a new home.
Outside of real estate, Keri enjoys time outdoors with her family and two dogs. You can find her in the garden, on a trail, or by the water. When not spending time outdoors, you can find Keri cooking and baking or cheering on her Alma mater, UNC Tarheels.
As a member of the Haven Real Estate team, Keri has the real estate world at her fingertips. Haven provides the resources and opportunities for any client to make an education decision on one of life’s biggest investments, whether that’s purchasing your home at a competitive and accurate price or knowing up-to-date market information and how that effects you as a buyer. Keri is here to help carry the burden and stress that may come with purchasing a new home. She will walk with you every step of the way as you make one of the most important decisions of your life.
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Spokane Realtor, Laszlo Kiss thrives on being great at anything he decides to do. “There’s no better feeling than being able to help someone in need with something I’m good at. Looking back on my 20 year Air Force career in aircraft maintenance, I received the most satisfaction out of helping new Airmen learn something that would help them down the road in their career”.


Whether it was reassuring a pilot regarding questions about an aircraft they were about to fly, or a new maintainer who was unsure about troubleshooting a particular system and just needed that little bit of guidance and mentoring to realize the confidence they didn’t know they had. Its a wonderful feeling being able to help people in those and similar situations.


“I’m drawn to Real Estate because to me it presents a similar challenge of knowing my job and being a professional in those critical moments. After all, for most people buying or selling a home is critical because it represents one of the biggest and most stressful situations, both financially and personally”.


It may not be as critical and high stress as fixing an aircraft on time so it can make its mission to support soldiers in direct contact but I believe its close enough to require a similar amount of knowledge, confidence and integrity to get the job done right. That is my approach to real estate. I don’t just want to be good at it and know market information. I want to make the difference when it counts the most.


When a client’s heart is set on that one particular home that fits the image they’ve had in mind for maybe years, I want to be the person they can look to without any doubts, knowing that if there is something that can be done to help them realize that dream, I’ll do it without them having to ask.


That’s the level of service I feel I owe to clients as a Real Estate Agent. I feel fortunate to be working with Haven Real Estate Group knowing the whole team shares my desire to provide the highest level of service and integrity to clients.

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Spokane Realtor Malcolm Howard is an experienced real estate agent who has a passion for helping others pursue their dreams of home ownership.


Howard is a Washington D.C. transplant who arrived in Spokane as an enlisted member of the United States Air Force. Before coming to the Pacific Northwest, he studied psychology and business at the University of Maryland – Baltimore County. Upon leaving the Air Force, he used the skills he had learned to open his own business.


Howard soon found that he wanted to contribute more to his local community, and he followed his passion to help others improve their lives. He transitioned into the financial industry and assisted those with credit challenges to achieve loans.


Howard then felt a calling towards real estate, where he could actually help people achieve their goals for buying their first home or dream home. He currently works with both buyers and sellers, but he has a special talent for finding off-market properties for investors with vision.


Although Howard is dedicated to his clients, he is also a family man who enjoys spending time with his fiancée and three children. He is an avid student of metaphysics and enjoys playing recreational sports.


Malcolm treats every client like a friend and strives to match them with properties that are just the right fit. When you hire Malcolm Howard, you can count on his passion, integrity, commitment, motivation, and sense of fun to make your real estate transaction as painless and perfect as possible.


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Matt Roberts has been a renowned real estate expert and loft designer in the Spokane area for three decades. Not only does he have an impressive career as a Spokane real estate agent, but he has also designed and built lofts that have been featured in magazines such as Northwest Homes and Lifestyle, the Inlander, and the Spokesman Review.


Matt uses a hands-on approach in helping his clients to find their perfect homes. Whether it is a single-family unit or a multi-family property, Matt has years of experience in making sure that every client is satisfied. From that first walk-through on the first property to the final preparations for closing day, Matt is there for his clients every step of the process. He is ready to answer any client questions and take any action necessary to make the entire process as smooth as possible.


When Matt is not helping clients find their next homes, he is out enjoying everything Spokane has to offer. He is an avid golfer, and frequents the many different restaurants found in downtown Spokane. From his early morning river walks with his chocolate lab to the hours he spends with his clients, Matt makes the most of what Spokane has to offer.


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Spokane Realtor Michael Kisslinger has been in the real estate industry since 2015 and offers a wide range of services to his clients. His background in the construction and customer service industries led him into real estate, which is an ideal fit for his goals of helping people achieve their dreams. Early in his career, he worked with Cheney Realty, where he sold over 25 homes. Since that time, he’s moved to Haven Real Estate where he enjoys the emphasis on teamwork and honesty, which are at the core values within the company. Kisslinger specializes as a buyer’s agent, listing agent, relocation specialist, and consultant.


Kisslinger takes pride in offering personalized service and support for his clients, stating, “I feel that having the right real estate agent means having an agent who is committed to helping you buy or sell your home with the highest level of expertise in your local market. This means also to help you in understanding each step of the buying or selling process. This commitment level has helped me build a remarkable track record of delivering results.” He’s committed to helping individuals achieve their buying, selling, or investment goals.


He encourages his clients, from experienced investors to first-time home buyers, to allow him to work closely with them to find the ideal property. His dedication and values make him an excellent choice for anyone planning to buy or sell a home in today’s market.



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Spokane Realtor Nicolette Samash is passionate about living and working in the Spokane area. When she initially decided to move from her home in Fairbanks, Alaska, she searched long and hard for a new place to call home before landing in Spokane.


Spokane’s diversity immediately impressed Nicolette. She says, “There’s a little something for everyone — from hiking to snowboarding, nightlife to volunteering, and concerts to wine tastings.” Nicolette is confident that like her, others can find their calling in the Spokane area, and her mission is to make that as easy as possible for new arrivals to the area. She recalls fondly how welcoming the community was when she arrived from thousands of miles away. As soon as she acquired her Washington Realtor’s license, she made it her goal to pay it forward and show that same warm welcome to other relocators.


Although Nicolette had worked in client services for eight years previous, and four years as an Alaska Realtor, she was surprised by how different the process is from the standpoint of a home buyer. “They say doctors are the worst patients, and the same can be true for Realtors becoming the worst clients.” Nicolette recalls how pushy and anxious she was about selecting her new home because of the size of the financial investment involved. As a result, she has her a unique view of the emotional stress that her clients undergo. Her own experience gave her a newfound appreciation for the demands of each real estate transaction and an understanding for how each real estate transaction is actually a life-changing event.


As a Spokane Realtor, Nicolette works tirelessly to make sure her clients never have to feel the same way as she did, whether they’re relocating to Spokane or simply upgrading to a better fit in the area.


This is why Nicolette Samash was drawn to Haven Real Estate Group, which offers unmatched resources and services to every client. Nicolette prides herself on serving her clients to the best of their needs while building a truly personal relationship with them. Clients in the midst of their stressful real estate journey can enjoy peace of mind knowing their Spokane Realtor sees them as more than just a sale — She sees them as real people seeking the home of their dreams.


Spokane Realtor - Pam Glende
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Spokane Realtor® Pam Glende is a retired U.S. Postal Carrier with 25 years service to her customers, with whom she had great relationships. While working as a mail carrier at the postal service, she also trained the new hire RCA’s. She has teaching and leadership skills.

She has also volunteered her time to women at the Union Gospel Mission. She also was a leader in 4-H while she raised her 4 children. She did some public speaking at those 4-H meetings.

Pam has had experience in serving, child care, housekeeping and wallpapering. Pam genuinely cares for people and is a great listener.

Pam is a hard worker and takes pride in a job well-done. She is thrilled about the opportunity to help people find the home of their dreams and to build new friendships.

Spokane Realtor Patrick Martinez
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Spokane Realtor® Patrick Martinez comes to us from 8 years in the Fashion Industry in Los Angeles, recently relocating to Spokane to enjoy the area’s close proximity to nature and outdoor activities and to be closer to his wife’s family.

Most recently Patrick has been with Nordstrom where he was in management. In this time Patrick has learned the value of creating life-long relationships. “My priority is to have relationship built on trust with my clients. Home Buying, especially your first time, is probably one of the scariest things you will ever do in your life. How much easier would it be having someone you trust guide you through that process? I want to be that guide for all of my clients.”

He also has experience of renovating run-down houses and turning them into modern dream homes. Whether you are looking for a turn-key home or for a project, Patrick’s experience with design and re-imagining spaces will be a valuable tool in helping you look for your dream home.

“Architecture and design has always been a huge passion of mine, I am thrilled that I have the ability to share that passion with others while helping them look for a home of their dreams.”

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Spokane Realtor, Robert Sherwood is a skilled and trusted real estate professional operating in the Eastern Washington area. As a licensed real estate agent, he specializes in lake and river properties, some of the most sought-after homes in the region. He has sold many homes on the great lakes in the far north, including in areas such as Kettle Falls on the Colombian, smaller properties along Davis Lake, Waits Lake, Reflection Lake, and many others.


Robert’s appreciation for real estate began when he was a young child. Throughout his childhood, he and his family would move from one area to the next as his father served in the United States Navy. His father, a 32-year veteran of the Navy, taught him at a young age that there is real value in owning a home, noting that if he was making a payment, it should go towards ownership, not renting. By the time he was 18, Robert had purchased his first home. From that time forward, he knew real estate was his passion. It was a natural career path for him, with his history and drive.


Today, Robert continues to thrive in that field. He works with most types of buyers and specializes in helping first-time home buyers, those looking for dream homes, and those who are seeking out the ideal place for their current needs. Pulling from his real estate investing experience, he guides home buyers and sellers through the process with ease and dedication.


Robert has run a successful ad agency for the last 12 years. He works as a Broker to help clients to not only list their home for sale, but to sell at the best possible rate and within the fastest turnaround time as well. As a listing agent, he is committed to helping sellers to achieve their financial goals. He works closely with each client to create a complete marketing plan.


Robert is available to work with individuals looking to buy or sell their home within the region.

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Spokane Realtor Sandra Pagliaro is a dedicated, trusted professional who serves both buyers and sellers in the area. She has always been committed to helping people realize their dreams and working as a member of our innovative real estate team at Haven Real Estate is the realization of one of her own dreams.


Sandra is a lifetime resident of the Spokane and surrounding community. She worked in accounting and related business professions for many years. She is also known for her volunteer work with special needs individuals, the elderly; and for actively caring for and supporting cancer patients. She has volunteered her time by working with a local PTA as their Treasurer.


Sandra’s real estate career allows her to continue her commitment to others by providing exemplary service to both buyers and sellers in the local real estate market. She is known for her prompt, professional service and her ability to utilize a multitude of resources to ensure the very best results in every transaction. You can count on her to see that your home sale, and/or purchase, is a pleasant and profitable experience.


With over thirty years’ experience serving Spokane and the surrounding communities Sandra not only has access to a network of resources to help buyers and sellers but insight and first-hand knowledge of the sub-markets and neighborhoods in and around Spokane.


Count on Sandra’s impeccable record of success managing, leading, and organizing to make the process of selling and/or buying your home a pleasant one for you.


Spokane Realtor Sandra Pagliaro is always just a phone call away to help those looking to buy or sell a home. If you are selling your home or looking for a new home, Sandra is ready to exceed your expectations.

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Spokane Realtor Sara Koenig shares insight and opportunities with her clients. Noting the importance of choosing the right real estate agent in the current market, Sara works hard to ensure the best interests of her clients is always met. She says, “As an agent, I will ensure that you feel informed and comfortable with one of the biggest decisions in life.”


As a trusted and experienced Spokane Realtor, Sara enjoys helping her clients. She believes that ensuring her clients have the best experience while going through the home purchase or sales process is essential. “I will work to be ahead of any potential obstacles and keep you informed at all times.”


Raised in Spokane and a graduate of Ferris High School, Sara knows the area very well. She moved to Connecticut and lived on the East Coast for several years. That’s where she met her husband and started a family. While living on the East Coast, she graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management. She then worked in the retail industry as a District Manager. This provided her with the opportunity to balance responsibilities while developing others in their role.

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Spokane Realtor, Shayla Morford is a life-long resident of Spokane and knows the intimate details of the city, making her the ideal person to speak to about anything related to the region. This, along with her in-depth knowledge of the real estate market, area schools, churches, recreational facilities, and the community as a whole makes Ms. Morford the go-to person in the industry. She purchased her first home in 2012 and, since that time, has been fascinated with real estate. This interest encouraged her to pursue a full-time career in this field. “When my Realtor handed me the keys to my first home, it was such an amazing feeling that I will never forget. I knew then and there that I wanted to help others experience that same joy.”


Ms. Morford is truly passionate about helping clients navigate the home buying process. She’s efficient and timely in her responses to clients, and she networks with colleagues and clients to achieve the best possible communication. She’s a detail-oriented go-getter, according to her peers. She uses these skills to help home buyers navigate the entire process, including finding the ideal lender, locating the perfect home, handling the home inspection and appraisal process, and ensuring the best deal is always in hand. “I love negotiating on your behalf.” She also notes, “And, if you want to sell your home, I do research to make sure we get the best price possible by bringing you a qualified, ready buyer.”


On a personal note, Ms. Morford had her first child in 2015. She’s a family-oriented individual, which also gives her an advantage in the real estate industry. She says, “I love working with buyers and sellers alike. It’s such an honor to help my clients achieve their desires. Whether it’s an investor looking for that diamond in the rough or a family looking to grow into a forever home, let me guide you through the home buying maze.”


“I have had clients tell me my honesty and knowledge of the ins and outs of real estate is what sets me apart from the others. I like to give my clients all of their options, so they can make the best decision for themselves. I have lifelong clients and would love to make you one of them!”

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Stacey Larsen is a licensed real estate agent that serves clients throughout the Spokane area. As a trusted Spokane Realtor, Ms. Larsen provides ongoing support throughout the buying and selling process.


Ms. Larsen is passionate about helping others. Numerous times, she has helped individuals overcome obstacles in their lives, set and achieve goals, and try something completely new to them. She enjoys being a part of these new adventures and helping people to thrive through them.


The importance of goal-setting is at the core of her beliefs. She’s built a strong career and life where she has enjoyed numerous opportunities, and she now aims to help other people realize their goals and to accomplish them with honesty and integrity. This is something she’s taught her children. Her eldest daughter set out key goals and was close to graduating high school a year early. Her middle daughter was the president of her school and her son was the president of his elementary school.


She takes this passion for goal-setting and achieving big dreams and applies it to the real estate industry. She works hard to help people to make one of the biggest decisions of their lives with the same passion.


Previously, she successfully operated a business, working hand-in-hand with clients, running a back office of a 24-hour company, and managing independent contractor relationships. She developed key relationships with each person to ensure they trusted and relied on her. This is the same level of integrity that she brings to the real estate industry.


Though she is new to Haven Real Estate Group, her key skills in managing people and providing a high level of attention to her clients are a strong asset for our team. She aims to have an inspiring career that allows her to share in the excitement of these exciting moments with people who are ready to take the step towards home-ownership. As she says, “Whether buying or selling real estate, it is important to have somebody you can trust. Someone you choose to step up for you, and to listen, and find the home of your dreams.”

Sydne Wheeler - Spokane Realtor
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Spokane Realtor®Sydne Wheeler, became a real estate agent as a result of her passion for bringing extraordinary service to her clients.

A Career of Extraordinary Service

During Sydne’s time at Nordstrom she was trained by one of the best customer-focused institutions. They believe that the customer is a special guest in their stores and Nordstrom’s empowers their sales associates to do deliver exceptional service to their guests.

Sydne became interested in applying the skills she learned at Nordstrom’s to a career in real estate after several failed attempts to sell her home with numerous Realtors. “I quickly grew tired of agents coming out, tooting their own horns about how good they were, how they’d take such good care of me then allowing me to list our home for a price too high, that wouldn’t garner attention or an offer and then disappearing. I called it the ‘list it and leave it’ syndrome.”

After hearing several friends complain about similar poor experiences with Realtors, Sydne decided to find an agent that was different and espoused service oriented values she’d learned at Nordstrom’s. She found a group of agents at Haven Real Estate Group in Spokane that she would choose to work with if selling her home and that she felt she could refer friends and family to with certainty that they would have and exceptional experience.

In fact, she was so impressed with her interactions with Robert and Cambria (Owners of Haven Real Estate Group), that she decided to join their company.

Sydne believes that her clients rely on her for three things when buying or selling a home:

1) Accurate Information – Being knowledgeable about Spokane housing market means Sydne finds properties for her Buyers BEFORE those properties make it to the major real estate search sites. Often a new listing can take days before it is visible on major real estate search sites;

2) Clients First – Buying or selling a home is one of the biggest financial transactions most will make in their lifetime. Sydne understands that every client is different and she is available throughout the process to address questions and concerns; and,

3) Enthusiasm – Sydne is passionate about helping people. For Sydne, real estate is more just a full time career, rather it is a life devoted to bringing people “home”.

“I strive to be the agent that listens to what you’re saying and fulfills needs you didn’t know you had. I don’t just want to be your agent once, I want to be the agent you call for life – the agent you refer to your friends and family, the agent you come to for advice on vacation or investment properties.”

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Tara HargetI grew up in a small rural community in the North Eastern corner of Washington and moved to Spokane 25 yrs ago for better opportunities.

Real estate has always been a dream of mine after my children got a little older but while I was raising four small children I decided go to school to be a Hair stylist. This gave me not only the opportunity to make my own schedule so I could be there for my family but to also gave me a job that was rewarding working with clients, listening to their want’s and needs to accomplishing what we wanted together through good communication. I believed these are some similar skills it takes to be a good Real Estate agent and decided to pursue the career I have always hoped to have and obtained my Realtor’s license.

After attending a class at Spokane Haven I was impressed by the passion, support and education that Spokane Haven has to offer and it led me to want to be a part of their company. On my free time I enjoy camping, fly fishing, Skiing and golfing. I commit my self to helping my clients find the perfect home that will fit their needs and make the home buying and selling experience one they will enjoy. I have integrity and honesty and will work diligently to keep my clients aware of what is going on in the market, through out their transactions and always respond quickly to my clients needs.

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Spokane Realtor Todd Springer has devoted his life to serving and helping others. That devotion combines with his love for the Pacific Northwest to drive his passion for helping his clients find their dream homes.

Todd didn’t come to Spokane Valley until after he had finished his time at Mercer University in Atlanta, where he studied education and criminal justice. When his wife was given the chance to relocate to the Spokane area, Todd leapt at the opportunity. Here, he turned his sense of devotion to criminal justice full time, serving as a deputy officer and being promoted to sergeant.


Todd then became an educator for six years, before moving his love of teaching and inspiring into the world of fitness. He opened his own fitness training center, where he worked with several community youth organizations while also training adults. Todd’s fitness center grew at a rapid pace that exceeded all expectations, leaving Todd free to pursue his newly discovered passion for real estate.


Todd obtained his real estate license and started working immediately with the Associates Realty Group and the Chance Sells Team. Not surprisingly, Todd sold an astonishing 66 homes in just his first two years with the team.


Todd’s passion for the Pacific Northwest runs deep, and his love of hiking, mountain biking, and kayaking makes this the perfect home for him. Two years ago, Todd received his Washington broker license. Because of the competitiveness of the real estate market here in Spokane, Todd wanted to align himself with an agency that was tech savvy and known for its customer service — and he found the Haven Real Estate Group of Spokane a perfect fit.


For Todd, real estate is about more than finding someone a house. It’s about building relationships with his clients. Todd listens hard to understand his clients’ needs, and he’s strategic about developing the right plan. Home ownership is one of the chief goals that most people have in their lives, and Todd feels privileged to help his clients — who also become his friends — along the journey to achieving this goal.


Whether you’re buying or selling, Todd wants to hear your hopes and dreams for your forever home. He’s results-oriented and always focused on you. See what Todd can do to help you find your perfect home in Spokane.

Spokane Realtor Trevor Roberson
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Spokane Realtor Trevor Roberson Born in West Plains Missouri with expertise in adaptability, planning, and time management. Served 7 years in USAF traveled most of my career home and abroad. I was stationed at Fairchild AFB, in Spokane 2009. I immediately wanted to make Spokane my home because of the great opportunities and wonderful people the city had to offer. During my career in the military I was fortunate to have courses and training that focused on professionalism, leadership, and formal interactions with a variety of personnel.

Honesty and communication is the foundation of my career and has been part of every aspect in my life during and after enlistment. I understand the importance of trust and the correlation it has with every healthy relationship. My ultimate goal is to help individuals pursue their ambitions of claiming a sanctuary they are proud to call home.

I was motivated to undertake a career in real estate because I get to continue my goal of helping people and shift my disciplined work ethic and military background into a helpful interaction for every prospect of realty.

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Spokane Realtor Tom SvedbergSpokane Realtor, Tom Svedberg is a native of Washington state and grew up on the Olympic Peninsula in Port Angeles. Tom moved to the Spokane area in 2001 and loved everything the area offers. “I found my beautiful wife and raised our children in this wonderful city, and I am proud to call Spokane home.”

Tom is a veteran of the United States Air Force where he served as a vehicle mechanic and later cross-trained into an avionics tech position on the F-111. Tom was honorably discharged in 1992 and joined a computer company working as a service tech. Tom also has experience in the construction/remodeling trades has served as a Washington State Corrections Officer.

“I have always enjoyed helping people, and that is what lead me to become a Realtor. I have a background in construction and mechanics and love to build things with my hands. I felt serving as a real estate agent was a good fit where I could use my construction and mechanical background while helping people find and purchase their home. Nothing makes me happier than handing a family the keys to their new home. I feel truly blessed to be able to help people through one of the most important purchases in their life and contributing to making their dreams come true”!

“I joined Haven Real Estate because I was impressed with the devotion and support that Robert and Cambria Henry provide for their team as well as their clients. They have built an impressive team of top notch agents whose service to their customers is second to none, and I am proud to be a part of the Haven Real Estate Team”.

“I have great respect for and thank all those who serve our country and community in the Military, Law Enforcement, Education, and Healthcare fields. You are my heroes, and I thank you for your service. My passion for a hobby is classic cars and hot rod restoration, and I am looking forward to the spring and summer car shows. I am hoping to have my project ready for a show soon”!