Amber Tice

When it comes to having a diversified past that helps individuals to achieve incredible things through industry insight, Amber Trice is setting the mold.


Spokane Realtor Amber Tice holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Lewis-Clark State College. She also holds an associate degree with an emphasis in Child Development from North Idaho College. She spent a year exploring the communications field with success, having the opportunity to work with a local newspaper. There, she learned the ins and outs of print media, legal advertising, and editing. In addition to this, she also spent many years working with children in ages from infant to 14 years old. In that field, her focus was on helping at-risk youth, developing and implementing after-school programs, and working on summer enrichment programs.


She is a creative individual that is dedicated to surrounding herself with positive and like-minded people. She enjoys painting, spending time with family and her dogs, and hiking with her partner Chris. She enjoys the challenges of the outdoors and has learned a lot about what she’s capable of by getting out of her comfort zone through hiking and camping in the snow, tackling steep elevations, and carrying a 30 pound backpack.


All of this has helped her throughout her real estate career. She’s inspired by dedicated real estate professionals who are committed to accommodating their clients’ needs and professionals who help clients navigate their fears in the buying and selling industry.


Amber Tice is passionate about creating connections, stating,”There is great value in building relationships and getting to know people for real! These are the same values that guided my decision to join Haven Real Estate Group. The combination of connecting with people and providing a quality training program is where Haven helps put success in the hands of their agents. I would love the opportunity to get to know you and to help guide you through your home buying or selling experience.”