Caleb Glemaker

A native of the inland Northwest, Spokane Realtor, Caleb Glemaker grew up in a large family just north of Spokane. His passion for the real estate industry was triggered by his country upbringing, where he was exposed to large spreads of land and houses.


Caleb worked alongside his father, a local builder who ran his own construction company in the region, which gave him in-depth knowledge of how the industry works. At the tender age of 18, he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and served in the air transportation field. He then transferred to the reserves, which allowed him to return to Spokane and work full-time in his father’s construction company.


Caleb took over his father’s company, then ran his own construction company beginning in 2007 and specializing in residential remodeling and building. His motto was always “It’s perfect, but it will have to do,” and his goal was to produce homes customers are delighted with, bringing their dream residences to life through design, planning and architecture.


With his strong customer-centric focus, Caleb has always delivered fast and friendly service with close attention to detail. This attitude led him into his next venture: real estate.


Caleb integrated into the real estate world seamlessly, moving from helping people enhance their lifestyle to enabling them to achieve their dream purchases. Caleb now pursues his passion of giving customers the best possible access to their real estate dreams with the least amount of difficulty.


As a Realtor, Caleb’s goal is to provide personalized service to his customers by guiding them through the difficulties of buying and selling property. He joined the Haven Real Estate Group because the company mirrored his own values of putting customers at the heart of every decision.


Out of this bedrock of excellence and commitment, Caleb has facilitated several property purchases for his clients, so they have a home to call their own.


He currently lives in Spokane with his wife, also a Realtor with the Haven Real Estate Group, and their two sons. Caleb is always keen to help clients with their real estate needs and is easily approachable.