What Our Agents Say About Being At Haven Real Estate Group

At Haven Real Estate Group, we’ve worked hard to build a brokerage where agent’s careers could soar.


A place that they would enjoy working, where they would feel valued, where they would feel proud to bring their clients and their families to “show off their office”.


We wanted a culture and environment that we would look forward to going to work everyday to see our valued associates.


But, don’t take our word for it, take a moment to see what our agents say about partnering their careers at Haven Real Estate – Better yet, give an agent a call and ask them directly!

Mindy Yount, Senior Broker

I began my real estate career with Robert and Cambria Henry – before they started Haven Real Estate Group. I actually interviewed with several brokerages; however, one of the broker owners I met with spoke really highly of Robert and Cambria and said I should inquire with them about the possibility of joining their team.


Within minutes of meeting with Robert and Cambria, I knew that I would enjoy working with them. What I did not realize, at the time, is the extraordinary impact they would have on my life. You’ll hear, from anyone that works with Haven Real Estate, that they receive amazing training and support… That is the easier to express… Describing the experience of actually being cared about as a person is a lot more difficult to adequately express.


I am proud to be he first agent to have joined with Robert and Cambria. And, as I have watched them open a brokerage and bring in dozens of additional agents, I am honored to be a part of it and I still feel just as connected, appreciated and loved as I have from the very beginning.

Danielle LaBar, Managing Broker

The leadership at Haven Real Estate Group has been amazing. I have never experienced Broker/Owners wanting to build my business as much as I want to grow my business.


Real Estate can be such a solo career and you can kind of get disconnected from the people in your office.  One thing I really enjoy here is that everybody is here a lot, building each other up and Robert and Cambria (Owners) support that.


The greatest benefit to me being at Haven is the support system and the training. Even after being a Realtor for lots of years, it helps to have available and on-going training in the office, without having to find it elsewhere.


There is also an energy in this office that feels excited, fresh and encouraging. It makes me enjoy being at the office.

Elizabeth Sorensen

The leadership at Haven Real Estate Group has really helped to grow my business.  I’ve never been in a place like this – where everyone is so laser focused on growth, not just in my real estate career, but in all aspects of my life.


I feel so blessed to be in this place where the vision is so high and they are trying to bring everyone along with them.


I was looking for a place to launch my business and Haven Real Estate was definitely that place!

Robert Sherwood, Associate Broker

What is great about Haven Real Estate Group is that you have the mentor-ship and the guidance from the Owner and Managing Broker. They don’t compete with you for business, so they are there to support you in every transaction. They’re there to give you encouragement –  a little wisdom if you need it, and they help you acquire more business.


That’s one thing that really attracted me to Haven Real Estate Group is the fact that they encouraged growth, not only in your business but in your overall approach to real estate long term.

Pamela Glende, Associate Broker

The training here at Haven Real Estate Group is just outstanding.  You don’t feel like you’re alone.  With me being one of the older agents, there was a lot I had to learn…


We’re a team, so we look out for each other. If I need anything, all I have to do is ask…  and there is always one, two, three or more agents that volunteer to help.


We do not compete with the Owners and we don’t compete with each other – we’re there to help each other!

Amanda Peckham

IRobert and Cambria offer a lot of support and training. And, that is what I was really looking for was someone to have my back.

They really show you how to be a leader in your own life. Which, I think really helps a lot because they want you to grow your business and be successful like they have been.


It is more of a team environment rather than a competition… everyone wants everyone else to succeed – we all want to be happy!

Dave Carlyle, Associate Broker

I feel that the leadership at Haven Real Estate Group has helped my business to grow.  That is one thing that I was looking for was people who had a progressive view on leadership and empowered people that they work with to achieve great things.  Definitely found that here.


Not only the mindset, leadership and training but how they leverage technology to drive an incredible amount of business in our direction – It Works!

Emily Scheller, Associate Broker

When I first decided to come to Haven Real Estate I was with another company, and one of the hardest things about the other company was that the competition was pretty fierce.


Here at Haven Real Estate Group, it is the complete opposite – they (Owners) want you to succeed as much as they succeed and every success that you have, they take on as one of their successes and you feel it every day with the way they talk to you, the way they support you.


It’s just a wonderful place to start your business or keep it growing!

Jennifer Gilbertz, Associate Broker

I became a real estate agent because I really enjoy helping people and I really love homes!


Haven Real Estate Group has helped me realize that I can set whatever goals I want and let’s me know that they are fully attainable.


I love the team atmosphere that we have, I love the leadership, I love the nurturing support, I love the energy… The goal is to have excellent customer service, to be successful in your career, to help others and to do it well!

Keri McCombs, Associate Broker

My husband and I were clients of Haven Real Estate Group prior to my becoming a Realtor. For me their was no question as to which brokerage I would join.


Upon joining Haven Real Estate Group, I quickly discovered that I have the backing of an amazing team who wants me to succeed as much as I want to succeed.  The leadership here is 100% about my growth and development as an individual and as a real estate agent.  They are not focused on what money they make and they do not compete with me (for clients) – they put everything into me and they really have taken a huge risk to ensure that I have a successful business.


I love the encouragement I receive from my successes, and I love being challenged to continue to grow and expand my horizons. I will be the most successful person I can be because I am pushed to always do better.


My husband is so impressed with the ongoing gratitude and enthusiasm I have for amazing people I work with that, he too, has decided to take real estate school and will be joining me at Haven!


Doreen Huntoon, Associate Broker

I have been in the real estate industry for 27 years. I have been at several companies.

I picked Haven because the training, the Owners here are very excited about your success… they want you to succeed!

Katie Grimm, Associate Broker

The leadership here at Haven Real Estate Group far surpasses anything in any career I have ever been in.


From the get-go, Robert and Cambria had it in their mind for me to grow. Their ultimate goal is for me to be an Independent agent and then have people that I can mentor and teach.


So, growth is always on the forefront of their brain and they put it on the forefront of my brain as well.  They are laying the groundwork for me to be where they are and I have never had that before.

Breanne Glemaker


Breanne Glemaker, Associate Broker

I started my real estate career at another brokerage that advertises itself as the number one office, number one training organization, etc.  I just felt like a number there…
When I noticed that Haven Real Estate Group was growing rapidly, I decided to check them out. It also helped that I did a transaction with them where they were representing a seller. I was impressed by their professionalism and systems.


As an agent at Haven Real Estate Group, I can say that the training we receive is remarkable. Equally remarkable is the encouragement that everyone receives!  The training focuses on developing habits that allow me to not just do enough to get by in life, but to thrive.


And with the quality of their marketing, the leads we receive and the training, they have made the possibility of having a successful and thriving real estate career a reality!

Christy Kruse


Christy Kruse, Associate Broker


When I started interviewing with managing brokers, I was looking for some very specific qualities, not only in them as people but also in the brokerage.


I interviewed with Rob and Cambria, and right away, I knew I had found my match. There are three reasons why.


The first, and most obvious, was that they provided me with the opportunity to gain leads. Just starting in the business I was daunted by the thought of having to generate all of my own business. The leads offered me security, taking away much of the stress and allowing me to focus on my clients.


Secondly was the support. They provide marketing staff, a transaction coordinator, and a lead manager to assist me managing my past, current, and future clientele. Moreover, having one of Spokane’s top Agents as my mentor has been invaluable. Cambria is always accessible with professional advice, encouragement and leadership.


Lastly is the ongoing training. This weekly training has allowed me to ramp up my learning curve so that I can confidently navigate my clients through both the buying and the selling process. This training has also pushed me to stretch and accomplish more than I ever thought I could, becoming one of the top the new agents in Spokane my first year.


I feel blessed every day to have landed with the Haven Group.

Patrick Martinez


Patrick Martinez, Associate Broker


In my opinion, the greatest benefit to me is the accessibility to support.  Not only are the owners, Rob and Cambria always available to help, we have Jennifer, (our Transaction Manager);  Rachel, (our Marketing Coordinator); and, Larry (our Leads Coordinator),  always willing to help with any questions that we have.

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