Spokane Realtor, Aeriell Davis, grew up in a neighborhood where people still honored family values and taking care of each other. Her parents made it a point to teach her the importance of being kind, trustworthy, and relentless. These hometown values are what she brings to the table when she meets with potential clients at Haven Real Estate. Aeriell’s goal is to help people find their perfect home, and she won’t stop until she finds it.

She attended college at Spokane Falls Community College where she majored in Business and Marketing. During her time in school, she also volunteered at a non-profit as a way to help engage in the community around her. Aeriell has always been conscious of the community that she lives in, and she found that non-profit work was the perfect way to give back. It also allowed her to broaden her experience in marketing, communications, and development.

It wasn’t until she went through the homebuying process however that she realized she was made to work in real estate. She bought her first house through Haven Real Estate and realized what a daunting task it can actually be to find the perfect ‘home.’ Aeriell doesn’t see a home as a wooden structure with a roof, but instead as the place where families grow, love is fostered, and dreams are created.

She is aware that buying a home is one of the most important decisions that most people will make in their life, and Aeriell wants to use her unique skill set and deep set values to help make that decision a bit easier. She can relate to clients because she knows how it feels to be sitting on their side of the desk trying to figure out how to close the perfect deal.

Additionally, Aeriell has spent quite a bit of time in Spokane and is deeply connected to the community and the overall region. This gives her a vast inventory of knowledge she can tap into to help serve clients.

Aeriell decided to join Haven because after working with them for her own home purchase she was able to see that family values and integrity are cornerstones of the company. Relationships and family are her priorities, and she finds it very satisfying to help others through the emotional process of building a family in a new home.

When she is not working, Aeriell spends her time with friends and family, kayaking through the lakes of Spokane, backpacking with her dogs, or snow-shoeing in the mountains. She is a very energetic real estate agent ready to meticulously detail what a client wants, and then work tirelessly to find the perfect home, investment, or parcel of land.

Aeriell Davis
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