Spokane Realtor, Dara Trifeletti, is an enthusiastic member of Haven Real Estate Group. Though a Washington native, Dara spent much of her professional career in Northern California where she worked in the mortgage and banking industries. She has now returned to her roots by moving back to her home state. She brings a wealth of knowledge with her into her role as real estate agent. Along with her knowledge, Dara brings her commitment to outstanding customer service to each client transaction.

During her career, Dara and her husband opened their own mortgage office where they enjoyed helping their clients secure financing, allowing them to achieve their real estate goals. After several years working in the mortgage industry, Dara decided to move into the wholesale mortgage industry and then into forensic banking. Ultimately, Dara best loved helping clients secure financing so they could purchase the properties of their dreams. Now that Dara has moved into real estate full time, she is able to focus exclusively on working with clients to make those real estate dreams come true.

One of Dara’s greatest strengths is her flexibility—her ability to shift from one client to the next, putting their needs, goals, and preferences first. Dara holds her clients’ interests, goals, and dreams in the highest regard. Having purchased real estate herself, she understands what the journey is like for both buyer and seller. Upon meeting with Dara, clients feel assured that they have an agent whose industry experience and dedication to their personal needs can be relied upon every step of the way. Having found her dream job, Dara is committed to helping her clients buy and sell their dream homes.

Dara and her husband moved back to Washington after raising their three children. They enjoy spending time outdoors where they can enjoy the beautiful Spokane scenery. Clients love working with Dara because she is such an active problem solver, often troubleshooting small issues before they can become large ones. She sees each obstacle as a challenge to be tackled with positivity and her expertise.

Dara will work with buyers and sellers to guide them to achieving their goals. Her in-depth knowledge of the mortgage industry gives her a genuine edge as she advises clients about the financing process. In addition to the wealth of experience she brings to this role, Dara is simply a pleasure to work with—professional yet down to earth, light-hearted yet serious about making her client’s dreams come true.

Dara Trifeletti - Spokane Realtor

Dara Trifeletti
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