Spokane Realtor Dixie Simon didn’t expect to be going into a field that demanded that she make strong personal connections. As a Business and Sales Strategist who partners with executives and entrepreneurs to grow their personal and professional brands, Dixie expected to be making analytical decisions about how to help her clients position themselves in their industry.

During an accomplished career in which she worked with hundreds of personal clients and multiple Fortune 500 companies, Dixie began to learn about what truly drives conversions, and builds successful product launches, and it’s not mastering the marketing “flavor of the week”, so to speak.

What makes any professional successful in their field is the ability to master the human element — it’s how you connect with the heartbeat of the people you’re trying to help. It’s about communication, service and keeping your word, taking the complicated and making it simple and concise. In her own words, her career has always been “about doing the work and being authentic.”

Throughout her life, Dixie’s family has moved numerous times, and it has shown her how big an impact the right Realtor can make in a person’s life. She says that she has been very lucky to work with skilled real estate agents, but many people aren’t so fortunate. 

This is what led Spokane Realtor Dixie Simon to pursue a career in real estate. She’s bringing her background and love of people to more local level, where she can work directly with clients in the community she knows and loves. Dixie searched for over a year to find a brokerage that shared her passion for training, teamwork, and most of all, caring about and doing right for the people we get to serve. She found all this and more in Haven Real Estate Group.

When not working tirelessly to put her clients in their dream homes, Dixie describes herself as extremely family-oriented. She’s married with two sons, a beautiful daughter-in-law, and a grandbaby girl who has stolen her heart. Her family loves spending quality time together fishing, and by Dixie’s own admission, “competing over who has the first fish, the biggest fish, and the most fish.”

Her hobbies include photography and gardening but she also loves challenging herself with reading, writing, and public speaking whenever possible. Says Spokane Realtor Dixie Simon, “It is my desire to bring professionalism, trust, and friendship to every relationship.”

Dixie Simon
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