Spokane Realtor, Kristian Sharratt, has wanted to help people since she was a young girl, and her big heart can be easily felt by anyone who meets her in her Spokane realtor office. She not only can help you find your dream home, but she wants to listen to what you have to say and really get to know you. Not because she wants to make the sell, but because she has a strong desire to make sure you end up in the place you are meant to be.

Kristian has been through the process of selling and buying her own personal home, and she understands the uncertainty and many questions that can arise during the process. Therefore, when she works with clients she dedicates herself to their needs to ensure that their process is as smooth as possible. As a Spokane realtor, Kristian Sharratt believes in transparency and will reach out to walk clients through the process every step of the way of the way. She knows that buying or selling real estate is a time-consuming process, but it doesn’t have to consume your mind as well. She steps in to educate clients so they can relax some while they are waiting for the escrow to close.

WSU drew Kristian to the area where she completed a B.S. in psychology. Her degree has allowed her to better understand the people she encounters, which enhances the experience of her clients. Over the past decade, she has spent hours volunteering for different organizations allowing her to finetune her time management skills, leadership skills, and enjoy a general comradery among her peers. Prior to moving to Washington, Kristian spent most of her life in Arizona which has allowed her to truly appreciate the lush scenery and natural beauty of Spokane.

She has lived in the PNW general region now for 12 years and has made it her home. She is married with two boys and is excited to help others discover how perfect Spokane is for raising a family. The ambience and natural beauty of Spokane is what attracted her husband and her to move to the city from the west side of Washington state. Kristian and her family often explore the great Spokane outdoors taking time out for hiking, fishing, and camping. On her own, Kristian can be found outdoors running, reading new books, and trying out new recipes in her kitchen.

The minute you walk into a room with Kristian you can immediately feel her willingness to help you, and that is what makes her stand out from other Spokane realtors. Raised by a strong-willed woman, she is a ball of energy ready to help you with your real estate needs. Her strong work ethic comes to life when she is helping a client fulfil their lifelong dream, whether that is buying their dream home or selling a property that will help them move onto their next chapter in life.

Kristian Sharratt - Spokane Associate Broker

Kristian Sharratt
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