Spokane Realtor, Matt Bergman, grew up in western Washington. He moved to Spokane as only a temporary thing, but once he got here he fell in love with Spokane. He worked for several years with at-risk youth in some of the most impoverished places in Spokane. Always encouraging kids to work hard and bet on themselves, he is now walking that out following his long-time desire to do Real Estate.

Matt has always found pleasure in helping others navigate life choices. “I’ve always enjoyed coaching kids through major choices in life, and I look forward to walking step-by-step with people to find their dream home.” He likes to think of being a Broker as a coach and not as a sales person. “I don’t want to sell anyone anything, I want them to find a house that’s going to make them happy.” He believes that after working with him, you won’t leave with a sour taste in your mouth. Instead, you’ll walk away with an understanding that he wanted what was best for you.

During his free time, you can find Matt with family and friends. He loves sports, games, or anything that involves competition. Matt’s natural desire for competition has given him the drive to be the best he can in all that he does. “Growing up the youngest of three, I had to learn how to work hard and fight for everything I got.”

Matt Bergman
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