Spokane Realtor, Perry Deschamps, is no stranger to the world of real estate. Perry often explains that working in real estate requires you to love dealing with people, and that is one reason why he is able to excel. In short, Perry likes people. He loves working with them and he loves talking to him. For him, there is no greater joy than sitting down with families or individuals and helping them find the home that is perfect for them.

For a while he worked with a big box brokerage firm, but it wasn’t a good fit for him because he likes to talk to his clients and make sure they have the support they need as they make the big decision to purchase or sell a home. Buying or selling a home is one of the milestone events in a person’s life, and Perry believes that an agent needs to give his or her clients 100% personal attention. As an agent, Perry is educated, able to gently glide clients through their decision, and highly motivated to help the dreams of his clients come true. Perry is only happy and satisfied when the client is happy and satisfied and has the necessary strong work ethic to make that happen.

Perry is no stranger to hard work, as he grew up working on his family cattle ranch in Western Montana. While his life today is a bit more city-like, he spent his childhood fixing fence and bucking bales. He knows that that there is no shortcut better than hard work. Perry credits his WWII Marine Corp father and supportive mother for teaching him that hard work will pay off.

This lesson has stayed with him throughout his real estate career, and now he is ready to bring his strong work ethic to Haven real estate group. He is committed to each client and ready to give them as much attention as they require to ensure that their decision is the right one. Perry recognizes the emotional and financial implications that are tied up in selling or buying a home, and is the type of person that can offer advice and support whether a client needs a friendly nudge or some help with financing options.

He has the experience to point out any pitfalls that may be waiting for clients, and to highlight any advantages that could be hiding for customers to grab. Perry always makes sure to thoroughly explain all options to his clients as he acts like a coach and cheerleader throughout the buying or selling process. His eyes are always on the end goal: whether he is ready to hand over the keys to a new buyer or delivering the good news of a successful sale to a seller.

Perry Deschamps - Spokane Associate Broker

Perry Deschamps
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