Coeur d’Alene Realtor® Shawn Beekman grew up in Spokane, Washington as a talented wrestler and aspiring coach. Moving away couldn’t keep the area out of his system and he returned as one of the youngest foreman in Central Pre-Mix’s precast history. That drive had stayed with him throughout his life and he never let anything keep him down, even serious recessions. Shawn worked everywhere from fishing boats to Alaskan factory trawlers when he found success in the oil and gas industry. After working in work-over rigs through harsh climates, he started his own business called Static Oilfield Services in North Dakota. After a huge climb, the company took a dive when the market crashed within the industry, but Shawn once again didn’t let that keep him down. He picked up the pieces, along with his family, and started over seven other businesses. He still to this day consults with and helps small businesses form and succeed.

Though Shawn’s jobs have been varied throughout his career, one thing has maintained the same–his gravitational pull toward helping people see their goals met. His position as a systems developer and analyst have helped people in many different business realms get their feet off the ground and now, he uses his skills in the real estate industry as well. Customer service is of utmost importance to Shawn as his passion is for helping people, despite the shortfalls in the market at any particular time. Shawn has seen success and he’s seen failure; both have taught him the persistence he sees as a key to victory today. His tenacity is something he brings with him everywhere he goes to help as many people as he can in as many ways as he can.

As a real estate agent, Shawn wants to leave people better than they were when he first met them. That means finding the perfect buyers, the perfect homes, and encouraging both sides along the way. There are plenty of successes and failures in this industry and Shawn is the type of person who will make it through them all and out the other side with plenty of new skills by his side.

Shawn Beekman
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